Jinsoo Park, CEO

Jinsoo is a visionary behind Ender's Fund and the game series. With a number of years in the finance world, Jinsoo skillfully leads this efficient team.

Alexander Wong, CTO

Adam Draper, BizDev

Adam is a co-founder and board member of Ender's Fund. He is like a fountain of wisdom, and is currently a board member in a handful of startups.

Jessica Jurado, Artist

An expert artist and animator, Jessica is the lead artist at Ender's Fund. Jessica's love of video games influenced her to design in the game industry.

Stephen Nosse, Artist

Stephen is a skilled artist and animator at Ender's Fund. His lifelong passion for cartoons and animation led him to design in the game industry.

Anna Koan, Artist

"Our mission is to continue to produce engaging, casual games that are fun for us to build, and a delight for people to play. Our small and agile team of developers is able to create games at an accelerated pace allowing Ender's Fund to beat the industry giants with speed and quality. We are also building relationships with some of the biggest publishers so that the world can enjoy our games."

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